Wollies Animal Shelter


At Simply Spoilt we are more than passionate about animals. It is our purpose to help where we can to make sure animals get the love, care and attention that they deserve. Charmaine is an active volunteer at Wollies Animal Shelter and has helped organise numerous Wollies Sleepathons to raise funds for rescue animals. 

In our effort to assist with much needed funds, Simply Spoilt will donate 10% of our sales on any Everlasting Slumber Bed sold online to Wollies Animal Shelter. 

Wollies Animal Shelter started in 2003 from humble beginnings.  The initial purpose Wollies had was to sterilize as many animals as possible.

It did not end with this sterilization project. Wollies started helping abandoned, neglected and abused animals in Pretoria. 

Wollies subsequently became registered as a non-profit, pro-life organisation that does not receive any government funding.  Every cat and dog stay with Wollies until they find their forever homes.  

Wollies Animal Shelter STRONGLY believe that if people are educated on the benefits of sterilization and if these costs were more affordable, then there would be fewer abandoned, abused and homeless animals. You can support this initiative by donating directly to Wollies.