About Us

As a passionate animal advocate, I've dedicated myself to championing the rights of all creatures. My journey led me to embrace vegetarianism, become an active animal activist, and lend a helping hand at Wollies Animal Shelter. With four beloved rescue pets of my own, who accompany me on every adventure, I've experienced firsthand the need for high-quality travel solutions tailored to our furry companions.

Our mission at Simply Spoilt is to transform your travels with your fur babies into moments of joy and relaxation for everyone involved. Since our humble beginnings, our product range has blossomed to include a variety of chic designs and top-notch items, all created with a blend of style and functionality.

Simply Spoilt isn't just a brand; it's a local endeavor infused with love and care. Every product we offer is meticulously crafted with the animals' best interests at heart, ensuring both style and comfort for your cherished companions. Join us in making every journey an unforgettable experience for you and your furry friends.

Lots of love

Charmaine Swanepoel